Our Story

Since we started out in 2006, we have been committed to delivering the best natural, dog food the world has to offer.

We believe the best dog food contains the best blends of nature and New Zealand whole food ingredients.

We’re a team of enthusiastic pet lovers who sniff out the best produce, support sustainable and free range farming practices and understand the journey to get the very best quality meal delivered to your pet’s dinner bowl.

Made Fresh in New Zealand

New Zealand is the perfect place to find an amazing array of natural, pure ingredients.

We have made the most of these natural resources, sourcing free range meat from grass-fed animals, the finest seafood from sustainable sources, vegetables grown in the most fertile soil on earth and cage-free chicken and eggs.

All of our products are made with love

K9 Natural dog food and cat food is handmade in our kitchen by a passionate group of people who genuinely care about creating a product of the highest quality for your pet to thrive on.

Pets all over the world are now enjoying the taste and health benefits of a premium natural diet.

The highest standards

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and quality of your food. That is why we refuse to use anything other than the finest ingredients, and why we set the highest standards when it comes to our production methods.

All of our wholefood products are sourced in New Zealand, are of human-grade quality and can be traced back to the farm.

For your ultimate peace of mind, K9 Natural food meets all AAFCO requirements.

From Farm to Bowl

Our unique expertise in agriculture works so well because of the close relationships and collaboration with our farmers.

We both hold a passion and determination for sharing the safest, most natural dog food and food with the rest of the world.

Best in Class

All of our diets are backed by world class research from our in-house animal nutritionist who works alongside two of the Southern Hemisphere’s leading animal research institutions.

We believe we’re leading the way in natural nutrition through our finely balanced sites to ensure your pets optimum health and wellbeing.